About Us
Jama Botanics primarily focused on Collaborative Farming. It is a collaboration between Institutional Buyers, Technology Partners and farming community enabled by us from end to end. We implement farming projects from seed to post harvest production using technology advances.
We take up technology enabled (customised farming) projects for Industries to cater raw material to semi-finished products.
  1. Traceability from farmer plot till end product production and activity management using blockchain enabled software technology.
  2. Usage of advanced fertilizers and pesticides
  3. Drones for spraying where ever it is feasible.
  4. Satellite monitoring for soil and farm health management
Meet our Team
Shri. J. A. Chowdary
Chairman for Indian BlockChain Standards Committee
Dr. Siva Mahesh Tangutooru
Chief Executive Officer
PhD in Bio-Medical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, USA
Dr. Vishwa Priya Podduturi
Chief Marketing Officer
PhD in Bio-Medical Engineering, ​Louisiana Tech University, USA
Mr. Pavan Kumar Jakkamputi
Chief Operating Officer
MSc in Organic Agriculture, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Meet Our Advisory Members
Dr. GR Chintala
Former Chairman of NABARD
Dr. Raghavarao
Professor in IIT-Tirupathi,
Former CSIR-CFTRI Director, Mysore
Who are you???
The Farmer
  • Limited Knowledge & Resources
  • Low Yield/Productivity
  • Higher Costs
  • Difficult to Sustain
  • No Market Linkage
  • Issues with Farm Management.
  • Fragmented Land Holdings
The Institutional Buyer
  • Lack of Traceability
  • No Quality Assurance
  • Inefficient Supply Chain
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Fragmented Land Issues
  • NO option for Customised farming projects.
  • Challenges in decision making (Unpredictable Agri-Sector)
The Technology Partner
  • Great Technology and Agripreneur Approach.
  • Difficulty in executing the Technology at farmer level.
  • High Cost of technology
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Limited access to Information
  • Limited Digital literacy
  • Fear of Technology replacing traditional Practices
  • Wasted Potential
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Complexity & Usability
R&D Collaboration
Jama Botanics has partnered with IIT-Tirupathi and Rajyalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai for research and development activities. The projects are advised by Prof. KSMS. Raghavarao (prof. at IIT-Tirupathi & former Director of CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore). Jama's BWell products are exclusively being developed under an industrial collaborative research programme. The Prestigious Prime Minister fellowship (SERB) has been awarded for this research project.
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410, Saideep Hulas, #32/2B, Old Madras Road, Near, Budigere Cross, Virgonagar, Aavalahalli, Bandapura, Bangalore Karnataka 560049